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The Tarot Diagnosis

Where Psychology, Mental Health, & Tarot Meet
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Join us as we explore tarot through the lens of psychotherapy


Created by Shannon Knight and Luna Hammond, The Tarot Diagnosis is a podcast that highlights the intersection of psychology, mental health, and tarot. The podcast is a place to explore, learn, and express curiosity about the human experience while using tarot to facilitate a journey towards deeper understanding, growth, and healing.


As any listener can probably tell, Shannon and Luna love talking to each other. The Tarot Diagnosis podcast feels like listening in on a conversation between two good friends - which is precisely what it is. Each episode of The Tarot Diagnosis is outlined, but never scripted.  As therapists, we are used to having to think on our feet, which is what we do on the podcast. We both come into each episode with ideas about what we want to say, but always end up surprising ourselves and each other by finding hidden gems in our conversations - simply by being inspired by each other and the cards we pull.

Luna and Shannon have a blended approach of using both their knowledge of the cards intended meaning, while adding a touch of intuition.  What is helpful in our tarot practices is the additional layer of knowledge that comes from years of training, study, and practice of psychotherapy.  We both own multiple decks, and are the first to admit that we are never above looking up a card’s meaning to see if there may be more ways to think of the messaging of a card.

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