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The Tarot Diagnosis

Where Psychology, Mental Health, & Tarot Meet
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Explore tarot through the lens of psychotherapy


Welcome to The Tarot Diagnosis - a podcast that invites you to explore the mysteries of tarot through a psychological, philosophical, and humanistic lens. Join Shannon, a licensed psychotherapist and tarot enthusiast, as she offers new and enlightening perspectives on tarot, mental health, personal growth, and the human experience. By blending her knowledge of the cards with a touch of intuition, and years of training in psychotherapy, Shannon seeks to unlock enlightening perspectives of the cards in order to help us better understand ourselves and those around us.

Each week Shannon dives deep into the archetypes of the cards and gives listeners an opportunity to explore the archetypal connections to their own cognitive and emotional experiences. Some episodes are solo expeditions into self-inquiry, philosophical, and psychological lands. Other episodes feel like an intimate discussion among friends, colleagues, thinkers, and seekers who have exciting and riveting perspectives on life, tarot, and mental health.

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