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The Podcast

The Tarot Diagnosis is a weekly podcast that highlights the intersection of mental health and the practice of Tarot. The podcast is hosted by licensed therapists Luna Hammond and Shannon Knight. Join them as they pull cards, talk psychology, and help listeners better understand themselves and those around them. 

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The Tarot Diagnosis

Why Tarot?

As we say in our introductory episode of the podcast, we do not believe that tarot cards are magic.  We do not use the cards as fortune telling tools, or think that they hold secret information. Rather, we use the tarot as a powerful tool to help us better understand or own human existence.  


The images shown on the tarot cards (no matter what deck) are carefully crafted to represent archetypes and stories which are universal.  Any one of us can pull a tarot card and find a way to relate it to our own experiences in life.  This allows us to reflect on our experiences, our ways of thinking about those experiences, and how these experiences can help us grow and develop in our journeys.  

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Our Approach

Shannon and Luna both practice from a traditional talk therapy, or psychodynamic, approach.  We are both person-centered in our practices, meaning that our focus is always on the client and our relationship with that individual.  Likewise, we both focus on fostering a growth mindset, and helping our clients develop into their own best version of themselves.  Luna and Shannon both enjoy the sacred nature of doing the work of healing, while still being able to have a good laugh at some of the absurdities of living a human life. 

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Mental Health

As psychotherapists, we deeply appreciate the tarot because it offers a common language, a visual as well as a narrative, and a certain type of poetry in our conversations about the human condition.  In our practices, we often reference books, movies, myths, or even memes as a way of explaining a person’s experiences, while also showing the connectivity between all of us.  Tarot is simply a more direct and targeted way to do this.  Also, we love looking at all the pretty decks and having a reason to collect them all.  

Image by Viva Luna Studios
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