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Welcome to The Symposium

An online community for tarot & psychology enthusiasts


A monthly membership community where anyone who is working with tarot to enhance their own personal growth can find both tools and community to help them on their journey.

Are you searching for a unique way to better understand yourself and the world around you? 


Are you eager to learn the psychology of tarot, and how this tool can become a potent thought exercise that can offer you profound insights into your life and the lives of those around you?


Join us in our exclusive members-only tarot and psychology community, where we explore the intersection of tarot and mental health to support your inner work.


Our community provides you with the knowledge and guidance, along with a supportive network to help you embark on learning, discovering, and creating with tarot and psychology.


Your Membership Includes:


  • Live (and recorded) workshops hosted by Shannon and expert guests

  • PDF workbooks to accompany the monthly workshops

  • Daily card prompts and spreads

  • A Reading Room gathering each month

  • A Monthly Tarot Book Club meetup

  • Access of a library of tarot spreads

  • Over 30 PDF downloadable workbooks

  • Multiple tarot challenges

  • Robust and exclusive “Now What?” tarot course

  • A community discussion forum

  • And much more!

Ready to begin your journey of self-discovery through Tarot and psychology? Join us today and embrace the world of meaningful introspection and connection.


Discover the Benefits of Our Community:


  • Access to exclusive content on tarot and psychology

  • Engaging discussions and live sessions

  • Guidance and insights from a supportive and diverse community

  • And so much more!


Our closed community is a safe place to ask questions, engage in meaningful discussion and connect with other tarot and psychology enthusiasts. Take the first step towards gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you through the intriguing world of tarot.




We can't wait to welcome you into The Symposium and support your personal growth and exploration!


Want to know what exactly it's like inside our community? Get a behind-the-scenes look at The Symposium with Shannon below! 

Here's what some of our members are saying. . .


"The Symposium, by far, is the greatest community.....and I have arrived to, and left, many communities."

"I love the opportunities to look at the potential in the interactions between concepts brought out in two or more cards. It feels more expansive and mind-opening."

"The workshops have all been so good and I enjoy that daily there is something to ponder even just within the daily prompts. I also enjoy the welcoming and encouraging atmosphere."

"The content has been amazing. The questions are always on point and thought-provoking. The topics for the workshops have been so thoughtful. . . above and beyond what I hoped."

“After having a couple of days to sit with this, I just wanted to say thank you. Doing this workshop helped me figure out how I can start to deal with certain thoughts myself and what I need to continue working with my therapist on.”

"You all are a breath of fresh air in the Tarot community. The best thing since Mary K Greer's book Tarot for Yourself."














Still have some more questions? Don't worry! We've got you covered below.


What is the monthly fee for The Symposium?

Since I started this podcast, I knew that any content we created would be accessible and affordable. The Symposium is no exception. The membership fee is a recurring monthly subscription of $23. The monthly fee is charged each month on the same day you originally signed up.

Is there a minimum commitment requirement?

We do not require a minimum commitment. We understand how hectic and unpredictable life can get, so we wanted to create a space that felt safe and accessible across the board - including the need to cancel and step away when life calls for it.


What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation is super simple. There is an option to cancel by clicking your profile icon and then “cancel membership.” This can be done anytime.

Who is allowed to join?

Anyone who is at least 18 years old is able to join - regardless of your experience or inexperience with tarot. We are all learning together! The Symposium is about building community, support, and encouraging growth and knowledge.

Will different time zones be considered for live workshops?

Yes! This has been really important to us and many have asked how we will work with various time zones. This is something we have worked through and plan to continue to address as The Symposium grows. We want everyone to feel included!

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