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A monthly membership community where we can all gather, learn tarot, practice self-reflection, and encourage growth and community! 


Become a Symposium member for just $23 per month. 

Keep scrolling to see what's included in your monthly membership!

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What is the Symposium?

A monthly membership community where anyone who is working with tarot to enhance their own personal growth can find both tools and community to help them on their journey.

An online space to visit anytime, to have access to tarot and personal growth resources to help members gain insight and unlock new perspectives.

A place of new ideas, where traditional and modern thoughts about tarot are both considered, and challenged. 

A place of connection, where people from around the world can gather to share experiences, thoughts, insights and transformational ways of thinking, all in a supportive and encouraging community.

Join  Today!

What do members get access to?

A community space for conversation, where members can share their ideas, observations, questions and comments, to truly challenge and grow their own practices and help bring them to the next level.

Access to a growing library of spreads, offering  tarot spreads both previously published and never before seen.

Daily prompts, or affirmations to consider while pulling cards and to discuss with other community members.

Live monthly workshops!

Individual and community reading rooms to practice reading for others.

A  book club!

Access to Now What Tarot & SO much more!

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What is the monthly fee for The Symposium?

Since we started this podcast, we agreed that any content we created would be accessible and affordable. The Symposium is no exception. The membership fee is a recurring monthly subscription of $23. The monthly fee is charged each month on the same day you originally signed up.

Is there a minimum commitment requirement?

We do not require a minimum commitment. We understand how hectic and unpredictable life can get, so we wanted to create a space that felt safe and accessible across the board - including the need to cancel and step away when life calls for it.


What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation is super simple. There is an option to cancel by clicking your profile icon and then “cancel membership.” This can be done anytime.

Who is allowed to join?

Anyone who is at least 18 years old is able to join - regardless of your experience or inexperience with tarot. We are all learning together! The Symposium is about building community, support, and encouraging growth and knowledge.

Will different time zones be considered for live workshops?

Yes! This has been really important to us and many have asked how we will work with various time zones. This is something we have worked through and plan to continue to address as The Symposium grows. We want everyone to feel included!

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