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Guidelines & Agreements

Please note that while Luna and Shannon are licensed therapists, the information and material provided on The Tarot Diagnosis website and podcast are not therapy, nor are they meant to take the place of therapy or professional mental health counseling. Neither Shannon nor Luna claim or intend to treat or diagnose mental health concerns through the information provided on this website and the podcast. 

The History of Tarot

We value and honor the vast history of the Tarot from it's origination in the 1400's in Italy (though some historical text suggests it dates back to 900A.D.) to the closed Romani Tarot practices.  As tarot readers and therapists, we do not utilize tarot as a fortune telling tool as it has historically been and continues to be used in some cultures today.  Our use of the tarot is to build insight and awareness around ourselves and our relationships as they are today.


Inclusivity and Support

As therapists and humans, Luna and Shannon strive to create an open, inclusive, supportive and safe space for their clients, listeners, and others they encounter in their daily lives. We are regularly consuming information from research and conversations with others who have lived experiences different from our own in order to keep this space safe and inclusive.


Therapeutic Services

Please note, as licensed therapists, neither Luna nor Shannon can work with therapy clients who are not in the state where they hold their licenses. Shannon practices in Florida, while Luna practices in Maryland.  If you are interested in becoming a psychotherapy client you can find more information at and


Free & Paid Content

You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase, utilize, or engage with The Tarot Diagnosis' paid content. The paid content, the podcast, and the social media content is not mental health nor is it medical advice. All paid and free content distributed by The Tarot Diagnosis is for educational and entertainment purposes only.


Other Important Stuff

Despite being therapists, and contrary to popular belief, Luna and Shannon are not immune to the human condition/experience. We experience many of the same issues and concerns our clients and listeners face.  We also do not claim to be experts on tarot or other people. We are learning along the way with you. Also, we believe you are the expert on yourself. The advice, suggestions, or insights that we explore on The Tarot Diagnosis are merely suggestions and are not meant to be considered as medical or mental health advice. 

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