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The perfect Tarot Journal for when you feel like you're too busy for Tarot!


So much of our time is dedicated to helping or taking care of others, checking off to-do lists, and thinking about future to-do lists. Finding or creating the time to check in with ourselves can feel impossible. Yet – when we don’t take the time for ourselves, we often feel depleted, resentful, stressed, and anxious. Then, when we have the time, we have no idea what to do with it.


In this digital weekly guide you'll get:

- 29 pages of spreads & prompts based on the time you have

- Weekly tasks & goals organizer

- Self-reflection & self-care exercises


This guide walks you through daily and/or weekly reflections based on the time you have available. Only have 5 minutes? No, problem – we have you covered. You were able to find 20 minutes – perfect we’ve got that covered too.


The best part? Our guide is digital and reusable. So, print out the pages you use the most often. Keep it accessible on your phone, tablet, or laptop, or print and create your own Tarot Diagnosis binder!


The Weekly Tarot Guide is meant to be an easy way to strengthen your tarot practice, foster insight, increase self-care, and be a reprieve in the midst of busy weeks.


This is a digital product. You will not receive a physical copy of the Weekly Tarot Guide. Images are for marketing purposes only. This is not mental health therapy nor is it mental health or medical advice. This is for educational and entertainment purposes only.

Tarot Journal {Weekly Reflections}

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