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When we both began our tarot journeys, we felt overwhelmed by the sensation that we needed to “learn” all 78 of those cards by heart. And, just like anything one learns- we found that once we started to get more comfortable with tarot, the “knowing the meanings” pressure we had put on ourselves got a lot less important. What we felt like we had to “learn” wasn’t really the important part. What actually mattered was our personal experience with the cards and the lessons they had to teach at any given moment on any given day.


This guidebook was born from a need we both felt in our own personal practices. We wanted a place to keep track of our experiences with the cards - not just have a place where we could flip through to look up someone else’s definition. We also wanted something we could return to in order to see how our relationship with each card had progressed over time. So, we put together the thing we wish existed - a journal to track our individual journey with each and every card.


We hope that this personal guidebook becomes an old friend for you and serves you well for years to come.


This is a digital product. You will not receive a physical copy of Tarot for Daily Life. Images are for marketing purposes only. This is not mental health therapy nor is it mental health or medical advice. This is for educational and entertainment purposes only.

Tarot Journey {Your Personal Guidebook}

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