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Summertime Tarot

I am so excited to offer a limited number of Summertime Tarot Readings! I have really enjoyed this offering that seems to have naturally become seasonal. Having the opportunity to pull cards for folks and help shed light on questions, concerns, and curiosities has been fun and rewarding! Depending on the topic you'd like explored with the cards, I may pull based on a spread, or pull multiple cards freely and without a spread to see what the narrative of the cards becomes.


This offering is a way for me to connect with folks on a deeper and more personal level. It also allows you to receive a reading rooted in psychological theory...with hopefully a touch of synchronicity and of course a bit of mysticism.

Once you've booked a reading through the form below, I will record your reading via audio, approximately 20 minutes, and email it to you by June 1, 2024. You will also receive an accompanying transcript of the recording and photos of the cards pulled. These readings are currently $110 and very limited!

Book a Summertime Tarot Reading

Complete the form below. Readings are limited.

Before booking your reading, please read and agree to the terms below

Thank You for Booking! You will receive your reading by June 1, 2024 via email.

Readings are currently sold out. Please check back for future offerings.

Image by Caroline Attwood
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